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While my office still feels far from done (I want to add new art, a beautiful Moroccan poof + replace our storage cabinet with open shelving), I’m also wanting to forge ahead and share more of our home in 2019. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing “real people” live in “real homes” - it’s relatable and always fills me with inspiration. When we moved to our new home a few years ago, I was so excited to finally set up an office in the second bedroom. A far cry from my work space just four years ago, which was just a small desk beside my bed in our master bedroom (here’s an old insta snap of my previous setup). It was always my goal to work hard, buy a bigger home and have an office for my blog & business. And now, we’ve affectionately dubbed it “VN” headquarters. Haha! ;)

As for the decor & vibe, as much as I wanted to do blush everything, I decided to go for a more coastal and relaxed aesthetic, especially since my hubby uses the office after work and I wanted him to feel just as comfortable in it. The office has 9 foot ceilings, an oversized window with a view of trees & garden, and the room is 8 feet x 12 feet with a 4 foot hallway. A generous size for our area.

When it came time to decorate?! We were definitely working with a tighter budget since we were buying all new furniture for the rest of our home as well. And my goodness, things really add up even when you’re shopping with a lower price point in mind. I bought my desk top + legs at Ikea and this storage unit. You can find my storage boxes here, they’re also from Ikea. My chair is from Pier 1 and I absolutely love the navy blue velvet + it comes in a beautiful blush velvet too. We also decided to warm up the office and paint it a lovely griege from Benjamin Moore and we love the feel it’s given our space. Lastly, my curtains are also from Ikea - they’re linen and my fave. Though for our next home, we’re wanting to work with Q Design and create custom drapery.

If you’d like to see more of our home, head on over here + can’t wait to share more with you oh-so-soon. I’d like to do our dining & kitchen next, share details on our gallery wall, finally share our re-furnished living room, and give the master bedroom a little facelift too. But I better hurry, hurry, because we’re shopping for another home as well.

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