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Oh boy, I feel like I’ve disappeared on you guys. I haven’t posted in two weeks, and in “blog land” that feels like an eternity. But rest assured, I’m alive and well. We’ve been in the throes of home shopping and found a home we absolutely LOVED, and almost made an offer. But then, we chickened out at the last minute. We currently own a brand new 2 bed + 2 bath condo (you can see my home posts here) and we considered moving 20 minutes further to purchase the CUTEST farmhouse / loft / town-home, and drum roll please… it’s in a historic town. Pinch me!! We would have reduced our mortgage significantly, but then, something didn’t feel right. The commute would have been longer for Martin + there seem to be multiple accidents due to poor traffic flow, the street noise (though barely audible) would have driven me crazy at night, and we weren’t quite ready to leave our community. So for now, we’re shelfing the home hunt and focusing on trying for a family and we’ll revisit our options at a later time. Though, if a great deal came up… I just might be tempted again. We’ll see! ;)

And on the fashion front?! After a rather sleepy December and January, I’m soooo into personal style again. I’m definitely hoping to step out of my comfort zone now that the weather is getting milder, and try some bolder and edgier pieces. I just ordered these gorgeous stiletto booties and I’m looking to add: a few midi body-con dresses, pleather leggings, OTK boots in black, more faux fur pieces (like this vest), bold earrings + this fringe necklace. Yay!!


Other than that, we’re seeing Martin’s parents this weekend, peeking at a new townhouse community in our neighbourhood (haha, the real estate addiction is real) and I’m seeing this cutie for tea, plus shooting two blog collaborations early next week. And what about you, friends. What’s new with you?! I’d love to know… xo

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