Diary 01. My Visit To CHANEL


Excited to launch a new montly feature (thank you Carly of Carly The Prepster for the inspiration), and share all about my day at Chanel. Oh my gosh, someone take me back already. It was seriously such an exciting day and I could barely sleep the night before, knowing we’d be heading out the next morning. Whoever claimed that “things” can’t buy you happiness, clearly didn’t own a Chanel bag. Haha, I kid, sort of! ;)


As you can see, the store was absolutely stunning and I feel so lucky to have a Chanel boutique in our city. In fact, over the years, Vancouver has become quite the luxury hot spot, and it’s amazing to see how many boutiques have opened and expanded their store fronts. One of my favourite things about the store was the roomy seating areas, which were modelled after Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment, and the furniture was custom made using tweed fabrics from past collections + flown here from Paris. Truly, beautiful. I plan on visiting again later this month to preview the new spring collection and I can not wait.


Yay, and there she is. Say hello, to my new bag. I ended up choosing the classic Chanel quilted WOC with silver hardware. But I SO wanted to grab the Camellia in navy too. It was honestly such a hard decision. But since I plan on wearing the bag with my everyday outfits, I knew black would be best since it goes with everything. But sigh, the Camellia still has my heart, but hopefully I’ll be able to own her at some point too.


This was definitely one of my most decadent purchases. In fact, I even had a pang of anxiety when I got home. But that’s just me, and how I ALWAYS feel when I spend a larger amount of money. But now that I’ve had my bag for over a week, and worn her most days, I’ve managed to fall in love with my WOC even more. I know I’ve made the right choice, and it’s a bag that will never go out of style. After all, it’s Chanel. Yay!!

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