Diary No. 02


Hope you guys are enjoying my candid diary posts / photos… you can see my first diary entry when I went to Chanel here. Ah, still such an exciting day. And I know everyone says it, but I can’t help & chime in and say, how the heck is it June?! Soon, Martin & I will be off for summer break and I’m hoping this summer we’ll take several day trips, lay by our pool, BBQ with friends and enjoy the beautiful weather. I love the west coast this time of year!! What are you looking forward to the most?


We kicked off June in the best possible way and visited our friends’ home and farm. They raise horses for pleasure and it was so picturesque. We sat on their deck and felt completely mesmerized by the view… trees, a red barn, roaming horses. Ah, if it wasn’t for Martin’s commute, I’d move in a heartbeat. Even though we left the city to move to a quiet suburb, the rural life is calling out to me, guys. I’m already counting down to when we’ll visit the farm come fall, and get more photos. Of course! ;)


If you’re local and haven’t checked out Parallel Café & Lucky's Doughnuts?! I highly recommend you do. They’re absolutely the best, in my opinion, and we always love popping in when we’re in the neighbourhood. This time, I ordered the peanut butter and jelly donut, and wow, it was good. Everything’s baked fresh throughout the day and they use the highest quality / natural ingredients. Obsessed!


We also had the pleasure of attending Miele’s four course coffee infused dinner recently. And it was an absolute treat!! Plus, I couldn’t wait to wear my new fave pleated dress. Can you believe it’s under $35?! It’s been such a lovely addition to my wardrobe, and proof you can build a classic wardrobe without breaking the bank!


Pool days, for days!! The summer temps started early this year and we’ve loved spending them by our pool (psst, you can find my romper here + it’s a steal). This year, I’m thinking a BBQ with friends + a pool date would be the perfect way to kick off summer. Yay!


And my most beloved, celebrated a major milestone birthday too. We celebrated with friends, family, and I took my love out for a romantic dinner on the day of. It was so lovely: we enjoyed martinis, took in the ocean view and had a wonderful meal. All the bread & pasta for me! ;) This year, more than any other, I’m realizing how quickly time is flying by and I’m trying to make every day as memorable as I can, in-spite of all the challenges we face. So important, I think! xo

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