Recovering From Creative Burnout


In my previous post, I mentioned I’ve been dealing with a CFS flare-up and as a result… I’ve been feeling creative burnout too. If you’re a blogger / influencer (or human) than you know exhaustion can hit at any time. So for the month of May, I’ve been pressing pause and it’s been feeling amazingly good. I’ve also come to realize that I put wayyy too much pressure on myself. Pressure for perfect photos, perfect hair, perfect make-up, gaining a following, increasing my income, and not disappointing anyone (that one’s huge for me). Pressure, and perfectionism suck, and are guaranteed to ruin whatever it is we do. Moving forward, I’d love to cultivate more balance, and learn to lighten up.

What does that look like? I’m not 100% sure, but I think getting mindful is everything. When we’re able to see our bad habits, hopefully it leads us to make better choices. So moving forward, I’m excited to do just that, and create a healthier framework for my life. And if you’re dealing with burn-out? I’d recommend stepping back, spending time doing something you love, getting full on life & rest, and I promise you’ll come back a brand new human being.


As for my outfit, I’m so excited to have finally found the perfect mom jeans. The denim is nice & stiff which is perfect because they kind of suck you in + they give such a fun twist to all my usual/fave outfits. I’ve been wearing them with vintage blouses and heels, or cropped sweaters & sneakers for a day of errands. Have you tried the trend? If so, I’d love to know what you think… xo

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Forever 21 Contrast Trim Fedora (this is the slightly lighter one), H&M Bodysuit, Levis Wedgie Icon Jeans, Madewell Tote Bag, Old Navy Sandals (similar)

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