West Coast Gardens, Wave Petunias Event


Happy new week, friends. Did everyone have a lovely weekend? Plus happy Memorial long to my US friends! We just celebrated an epic birthday for Martin, and spent time with family & friends. Yay! I LOVE birthdays, always so much fun… and now I’m trying to figure out what I’ll do for mine in July. A pool party & BBQ would be so much fun, or thinking of heading to Fairmont Chateau Whistler for a night or two.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the loveliest weekend at West Coast Gardens and I absolutely fell in love with the store. We were there for the Wave Petunias planting party and I had a blast mingling, learning about planting, and creating my very own planter to take home. I honestly love garden stores so much and love spending my weekends doing just that. Planting, sipping on my coffee, and hanging with my fur fam in the sun. Ah, total bliss!


Planting Tips

- Pick a pot with a drainage hole and pick your plants. I picked a few decorative greens, orange mint (smells so good) and white petunias. When choosing your plants… choose different levels, a mix of colours + always fun to throw in a favourite herb, or two.

- Next you’ll want to add your soil and fill 3/4 full, pack down lightly and start adding & positioning your plants. If a plant is stubborn and won’t pop out of its planter? Just squeeze the planter from the bottom. Works like a charm!

- Once your plants are positioned, fill the gaps with more soil but be sure to avoid air pockets as it makes plants more susceptible to disease, and lastly be sure to not overpack your planter. You want to leave room for your plants to grow. I’d recommend three plants for a medium size planter, and five for a large size one.

- When it comes to watering, you’ll want to saturate the soil once, then let it dry down and saturate again. From there you’ll want to water once daily, although for a milder climate, I find every other day is fine. Also don’t forget to feed your plants. A water soluble fertilizer once a week works best and will keep your planter growing beautifully!


All the ladies. So cute! Hope you guys feel inspired to get out and plant too. Plus, if you’re looking to add your own beautiful petunias to your garden or deck, be sure to use code Wave20 (for 20% off) at West Coast Gardens until the end of May!! xo

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