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Last week, was a week, friends! Our upstairs neighbour’s toilet leaked and damaged our master ensuite. Ugh, I’m so devastated. Even though we have insurance, and it was in no way our fault, we’ll still need to pay a costly deductible (and possibly face our premiums going up), or try to fix it ourselves. Which begs me to ask, how is homeowners insurance working for us in this case? It feels pretty awful to foot such a large bill for something that wasn’t our fault, and we could in no way control. Argh. If you’ve been there… I’d love a little advice. This our first time dealing with something like this and I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

But, onto better things, like these lovely photos + the fact that my love is officially on his two month summer break. Whoot! Oh the perks of being a teacher! I’m so dang excited, and can’t wait to plan all the fun things. I hope to visit a berry farm, check out a few historic towns, BBQ with friends, and spend as much time outside. I honestly love this time of year!


And speaking of all things exciting… I can’t get enough of straw totes. You can see my picks here: my fave straw bags for spring and many of them are on sale now. Plus, I’m equally obsessed with midi dresses at the moment. There’s so many good ones and I pretty much want them all. Love this striped one (the wooden buttons & oversized pockets are perfection), this one is so timeless + has the loveliest details, and this Old Navy one is cute and a steal (+ comes in gingham too). Tell me friends, what’s your fave summer uniform?! xo

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Forever 21 Hat, Forever 21 Midi Dress (similar & also love this one), Old Navy Sandals (similar), Thrifted Straw Tote (similar)

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