How To Decorate Your Coffee Table

Yay, I’m back, finally. I didn’t expect the blog to go so quiet, but my husband & I took two weeks off (thank you spring break) and it felt so darn good to take time away and unwind. But now, happy to be blogging and sharing tips on how to decorate your coffee table. I’d say I probably change / update mine seasonally, if not every month, and it’s a refresh I always love. We also recently updated our living room with new furniture pieces (rug / sofa) and swapped out our pouf & throw pillows to reflect our new colour scheme. We also did an over-haul of our gallery wall and dining room and I can’t wait to share that oh-so-soon too.


When it comes to decorating our coffee table? I love using books, trays, candles and flowers to create a statement. I also love to pull colours from our space, in our case that’s grey & blue, and add them to our coffee table. And as I mentioned… I’m all about seasonal decor (because it’s spring) I’ve added tulips to our coffee table and kept everything else, simple, light & airy. In the summer, I love to add a collection of shells to our hurricane and in the fall you’ll always spot a pumpkin or two.


My other favourite & easy to remember tips include: group your items in three’s, vary your object heights for interest, add pops of colour and don’t be afraid to pick something unexpected. I’d recommend this light rattan weave box, these gorgeous glass terrariums and lastly this Valentino coffee table book is on my wish-list too! Tell me friends, what’s your favourite table decor item?!


Hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week friends. This week, I’m SO excited to see my dear friend Cee, of Coco & VeraYay, yay!! And crossing my fingers for some sun too. We’ve had so much rain, and let me tell ya, I’m over it. Ready for all the spring adventures, please! xo

PS – You can also find our couch here. It’s from Pottery Barn, down-filled, and we ordered it in Performance Everyday velvet, in Carbon. We absolutely love, love the quality + it’s amazingly comfortable too.